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The Realm of Play - The Story of Creation

An introduction

About the piece

The story of creation

Realm of Play is a modern choral piece written for vocal ensemble and percussion. The piece is build around The Story of Creation and biblical texts talking about inspiration and spirit. Musically it travels through different genres and vocal expressions, drawing it’s own inspiration from Indian, Bulgarian, African, American as well as European music tradition.

The performing ensemble

The performing ensemble - Songs of The Moment - consists of internationally acclaimed singers and artists from the Nordic countries with a vast experience of vocal expression from groups like Rajaton, The Real Group, Zap Mama and VoxNorth. The singers are Katarina Henryson (Soprano), Lene Nørgaard (Mezzo), Soila Sariola (Alto), Morten Mosgaard (Tenor + vp), Kristina Skårhøj (Bariton), Morten Vinther (Bariton) and Jussi Chydenius (Bass). For The Story of Creation the group also contains Mikkel Schnetler (Percussion) and Ilkka Herkman (Sound engineer).

In concert

The music offers complex structures and simple harmony, contrastingly powerful moments and beautifully subtlety - all held together by affecting themes carefully crafted by composer Kristian Skårhøj. The live-concert contains improvisational elements and musical bridges between the movements and has an estimated duration of 70min.

Songs of the moment

In January 2013 the seven singers of Songs of the Moment started a new journey together. With support from Kulturkontakt Nord, the singers got the opportunity to meet and sing together, combining the sound, different backgrounds, three nordic nationalities and experience from several vocal groups. Our goal was to explore methods for working with free vocal improvisation while also creating good music and presenting it appropriately to an audience. Our “product” turned out to be 60-minutes fully improvised concerts. No sheet music, no pre written songs and no conductor - just seven singers and a sound engineer improvising together. The Story Of Creation is the latest addition to our activities and includes written music.


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